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No More

We are delighted to welcome back Deni Sunrise to Progressive Dreams. Hailing from Russia he brings us yet another melodic progressive gem with this wonderful track called No More.

$ 1.16

Kita-Kei – Seamair (Original Mix)

This beautiful track Seamair combines amazing melodies and chord progressions with a charming piano piece with a delicately lush break that builds and releases its hook.

$ 1.16

The Path To Paradise

The Path To Paradise is a mix of lush vocal atmos, beautiful melodies, plucks, great energy and contour and a breathtakingly soothing break with elegant melodic elements and piano piece, and a touch of class with the bansuri hook that’s introduced. Bliss!

$ 1.16


We kick off our 2021 year with a beautiful EP from the wonderfully talented Emro who brings us two great melodic progressive tracks.

$ 1.16

End Of The Road

We are delighted to welcome back Neava to Progressive Dreams with a beautiful progressive house track called End Of The Road

$ 1.16


We are delighted to welcome Alex Byrka & MageSky who come together to bring us this fantastic collaboration called Supermoon.

$ 1.16


‘Invisible’ a dreamy electric gem! It’s smooth, melodic and packed full of feel-good sounds with a bassline that’s tight yet smooth and fits so well.

$ 1.16

Mountain Ride

We welcome Skyline Project and RafleSTone to Progressive Dreams who both create really luscious, beautifully crafted music, and we are delighted to showcase their talents

$ 1.16


We welcome Ellunate from Russia to Progressive Dreams with this two-track EP called Celadone

$ 1.16


We are delighted to welcome back Alex Byrka to Progressive Dreams Emotions with this superb single called Ravennaprogeesprogres

$ 1.16

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Z8phyR Interview
Who is z8phyr? My name is Donovan and Z8phyR is the alias I’ve created for my path in this direction of music production. Just a cool breeze of sounds to keep you going in your day.   When and why did you start producing? I started producing in 2006, I got into music production from my
Vince Forwards Interview
Who is Vince Forwards, and how did you get into music and for how long have you been producing for? Vincent Bijvank coming from The Netherlands, always been driven by music and in to audio/music productions. Grown up with a family who motivates and activate the musicality in people. Played drums and piano and later on