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Call Of Nature

We are delighted to bring you our 50th release on the label and it is a collaboration between three fine artists in SixthSense, Andrew Frenir, and DTALM, two of which will debut on Progressive Dreams.


Wonderland (THE REMIXES)

With the success of Lumidelic – Wonderland we have decided to release Wonderland ‘The Remixes’

In doing so we are delighted to debut Lesh to Progressive Dreams, an outstanding melodic progressive house artist from Marbella, Spain who needs no introduction to the scene as his sounds have continuously inspired both producers and listeners alike.


Recalling You

We welcome Finland-based producer Caira onboard Progressive Dreams as he makes his debut with us with this fine release!



We are delighted to welcome back Russia-based DenBray to Progressive Dreams with a lovely new EP.


Breathe Again

We welcome back Progressive Initiations with an epic and luscious release


Artificial Love

Delighted to welcome back Markus Hakala to Progressive Dreams with this superb EP. Markus is a wonderful talent and he certainly delivers here.


Neon Lake

Neon Lake is a superb release full of wonderful melodies, a chunky bassline, and 80’s style leads, sounds, energy, and magic!



Cuvinte is a brilliant track that evolves throughout. It presents itself as a very tech-house style track that progresses and builds in energy and contour, that slowly evolves into what we are used to here, melodic progressive house. Something that fits into any set for variation, and because it’s a great sounding track.


Mirrors is an elegant melodic progressive house piece with lush pads, sweet-sounding plucks and blissful melodies throughout and memorable vocals. It’s a track for the Summer



Z8phyR’s flavour of melodic progressive house is very recognizable and Insupaia is a perfect blend of beautiful harmonies, lush pads and atmosphere, a stunning break that’s so calm and peaceful with a catchy groove and rhythm. Insupaia is the Japanese word for Inspire and you can hear the influence, and it certainly does Inspire. This is one for the summer.


Latest News

Z8phyR Interview
Who is z8phyr? My name is Donovan and Z8phyR is the alias I’ve created for my path in this direction of music production. Just a cool breeze of sounds to keep you going in your day.   When and why did you start producing? I started producing in 2006, I got into music production from my
Vince Forwards Interview
Who is Vince Forwards, and how did you get into music and for how long have you been producing for? Vincent Bijvank coming from The Netherlands, always been driven by music and in to audio/music productions. Grown up with a family who motivates and activate the musicality in people. Played drums and piano and later on