Vince Forwards Interview

Vince Forwards Interview

Who is Vince Forwards, and how did you get into music and for how long have you been producing for?

Vincent Bijvank coming from The Netherlands, always been driven by music and in to audio/music productions. Grown up with a family who motivates and activate the musicality in people. Played drums and piano and later on discovering electronic dance music. Been “producing” since I bought my first PC around 2000, first release under my alias Vince Forwards in 2011.

What inspires you to make music?

Mostly a clear mind, a walk into nature, emotions and experiences in our life and good and bad memories and feelings.

Tell us about a project you are particularly proud of.

In 2017 I released a small mini album called “A Different Place EP” on the label Synth Collective. This was a complete experience when we are talking about music production. Also the Collab’s with Roald (Roald Velden) are so much fun and I am happy to know a person who speaks the same language.
What’s the one piece of your production arsenal which you can’t live without?
My cat of course, and some good triple beers. Need Fruity Loops, Sylenth1, FM8 and Nexus to survive this planet as well.

And finally, what’s the most important piece of advice you’ve had in your career so far and what advice would you offer the next generation of progressive music producers?

Stay in your own lane where it feels comfortable. Take your time and don’t get distracted by commercial offers or fake people driven by money or silicone tits. Be grateful for what you have.

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