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A Memory Remains

These two musical pieces that are sure to take you places as you listen to them. We are excited to have Vince on our label.

$ 1.16

All The Things

We welcome Deni Sunrise who debuts on Progressive Dreams with this luscious and heavenly melodic progressive house track that brings in some old-style nostalgia and a summer feeling

$ 1.16

Butterfly Effect

We welcome back Mark Digital who is one of the hardest working guys out there on the scene and this time he is back with us releasing another gem!

$ 1.16


We welcome Ellunate from Russia to Progressive Dreams with this two-track EP called Celadone

$ 1.16
FeaturedDrop of a Dream

Drop of a Dream EP

truly beautiful two track EP from Z8phyR
Track 1: Drop of a Dream
Track 2: Lailas Love

$ 1.50


Whether you listen to these on the beach, at a pool, on a stroll or wherever you may be Halcyon’s atmosphere will surely ascend you even higher

$ 1.16


‘Invisible’ a dreamy electric gem! It’s smooth, melodic and packed full of feel-good sounds with a bassline that’s tight yet smooth and fits so well.

$ 1.16

Mountain Ride

We welcome Skyline Project and RafleSTone to Progressive Dreams who both create really luscious, beautifully crafted music, and we are delighted to showcase their talents

$ 1.16


We are proud to release our first Progressive Trance single

Mark Digital – Sonder (Original Mix)

Mark Digital – Sonder (Nathan Red Remix)

$ 1.16

Sounds From The Valley

We are delighted to welcome a truly wonderful artist in the Melodic Progressive House world, Melchi! He makes his debut on Progressive Dreams and with a two-track EP.

$ 1.16

Summer Love

We are delighted to welcome an amazing talent, DTALM to Progressive Dreams. Residing in Cologonia, Italy DTALM has brought a true taste of summer with a huge 3 track EP.

$ 1.16