Alberto Garcia aka Lumidelic is a Melodic Progressive House producer based in Barcelona, Spain.

In this channel you will find my radio shows including the lastest releases of Melodic Progressive House scene; such as Emergent Shores, Progressive House Worldwide, Perplexity Music, Synth Connection, Macarize, Sunset Melodies, Encanta, Inception, Sunstate Records, Fuzzy Recordings and many more …

My radio shows are called “Serene Waves” and will be on air on the 3rd Wednesday of each month on (Melodic Progressive Channel)

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We are delighted to welcome Lumidelic to Progressive Dreams. An incredible talent, based in Barcelona, Spain Lumidelic has been doing amazing things in the Progressive House scene for many years now and we are truly delighted to have him showcase his talents on the label.

$ 1.16