Martin Zeidner

Martin Zeidner

Music Is Life – Life Is Music. For me it’s been the nr.1 tool of expressing emotions as long as I can remember. It’s the engine that keeps my passion alive, even if the fuel meter sometimes hits the red side. I discovered dance/electronic music through the C64/Amiga (computer) scene in the late 80’s. Immediately hooked by the ability to create full tracks with perfect arrangement control. There simply weren’t any points of turning back.

While I have been through a lot of different genres through the years, my main music direction today can be described as retro flavoured progressive house/trance. The sparkling creativity in the early days of dance music was so sincere and beautiful, but it took me some time to truly realize how much this had reflected in my way of creating. Now is the time to show the “best of” version of all this experience. I call it PROGRETRO.

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Neon Lake

Neon Lake is a superb release full of wonderful melodies, a chunky bassline, and 80’s style leads, sounds, energy, and magic!

$ 1.16