Neava (aka Kristjan Kelder), was born on the 06th of September, 1980 in a small Estonian town called Räpina. His interest in music started at the age of 8, when he started to take piano classes. After getting his first entry-level gear in winter of 2010, he started to produce his own first track ’’Ice Flower’’. It took a while to acquire all the basic producing skills. In the spring of 2011, Dance Lab Recordings released his very first tracks ’’Metaphorically’’ and ’’Good People’’

After many, MANY, years of hiatus he started to produce music again back in November 2019. First track “Moments” was released early 2020. Since the new start ”Alter Ego Records” has become his main label, with whom songs like “Lost Emotion” and “Godspeed” have been released with. He has also done some remixes for AER. His music is being played and supported such notable names as: Kyau & Albert, Lumidelic, Karanda, Andy Durrant, Shane54, Luigi Palagano and many more.

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‘Invisible’ a dreamy electric gem! It’s smooth, melodic and packed full of feel-good sounds with a bassline that’s tight yet smooth and fits so well.

$ 1.16