Melodic Progressive House

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Mirrors is an elegant melodic progressive house piece with lush pads, sweet-sounding plucks and blissful melodies throughout and memorable vocals. It’s a track for the Summer

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A Memory Remains

These two musical pieces that are sure to take you places as you listen to them. We are excited to have Vince on our label.

$ 1.16

All The Things

We welcome Deni Sunrise who debuts on Progressive Dreams with this luscious and heavenly melodic progressive house track that brings in some old-style nostalgia and a summer feeling

$ 1.16

Artificial Love

Delighted to welcome back Markus Hakala to Progressive Dreams with this superb EP. Markus is a wonderful talent and he certainly delivers here.

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Atlas is a dreamy progressive cut driven by smooth basslines and super lush pads, beautiful vocal samples and heavenly chords. Everything from the atmosphere and emotional story it tells is perfectly put together.

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With its beautiful chords, melodies, and strong vocals, Awakening is a delightful release from this artist. With a beautiful break with enchanting plucks and breathtaking leads. It is an aspiring release that deserves to be added to our collection.

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Jay FM seeks to take the listener to a dream-like state with his ethereal sounds and luscious melodies. An artist that has crafted his talents to perfection. Bliss is an upbeat progressive cut that has a very catchy rhythmic feel, and Arise really brings your mind to a place of peace with its exceptional break and refreshing sounds throughout. These two releases are a treat for your ears.

$ 1.16

Breathe Again

We welcome back Progressive Initiations with an epic and luscious release

$ 1.16

Butterfly Effect

We welcome back Mark Digital who is one of the hardest working guys out there on the scene and this time he is back with us releasing another gem!

$ 1.16

Call Of Nature

We are delighted to bring you our 50th release on the label and it is a collaboration between three fine artists in SixthSense, Andrew Frenir, and DTALM, two of which will debut on Progressive Dreams.

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We welcome Ellunate from Russia to Progressive Dreams with this two-track EP called Celadone

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Cuvinte is a brilliant track that evolves throughout. It presents itself as a very tech-house style track that progresses and builds in energy and contour, that slowly evolves into what we are used to here, melodic progressive house. Something that fits into any set for variation, and because it’s a great sounding track.

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FeaturedDrop of a Dream

Drop of a Dream EP

truly beautiful two track EP from Z8phyR
Track 1: Drop of a Dream
Track 2: Lailas Love

$ 1.50

End Of The Road

We are delighted to welcome back Neava to Progressive Dreams with a beautiful progressive house track called End Of The Road

$ 1.16


We kick off our 2021 year with a beautiful EP from the wonderfully talented Emro who brings us two great melodic progressive tracks.

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We welcome George Ellinas to Progressive Dreams who is from Larnaca, Cyprus. The man that’s one half of Synth Collective and owner of Sanille Recordings is also another multitalented producer with a vast array of nice music over the years.

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