progressive dreams

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A Memory Remains

These two musical pieces that are sure to take you places as you listen to them. We are excited to have Vince on our label.

$ 1.16


Jay FM seeks to take the listener to a dream-like state with his ethereal sounds and luscious melodies. An artist that has crafted his talents to perfection. Bliss is an upbeat progressive cut that has a very catchy rhythmic feel, and Arise really brings your mind to a place of peace with its exceptional break and refreshing sounds throughout. These two releases are a treat for your ears.

$ 1.16


Whether you listen to these on the beach, at a pool, on a stroll or wherever you may be Halcyon’s atmosphere will surely ascend you even higher

$ 1.16

Sunset Dreams

Ascend into the depths of these beautiful chord progressions, jubilant rhythms, soothing rejuvenating breakdowns and atmospheres that take you away.

Ciree’s extraordinary talents manage to deliver two beautiful progressive production cuts that capture the beauty of music and succeed in transcending your mind.

$ 1.16