Progressive Trance

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SICKCODE debuts on Progressive Dreams Emotions with a superb track named Aslan. It combines a great bassline, heavenly pads, emotional chord progressions and a consistent pluck that acts as a hook into itself. The piano piece on the break builds up with the energy of the track where the main leads are introduced. And the drop does not disappoint.


Have A Dream

We welcome Sergey Shvets to Progressive Dreams who showcases some typical Russian talent with two very emotional Progressive Trance productions.



‘Invisible’ a dreamy electric gem! It’s smooth, melodic and packed full of feel-good sounds with a bassline that’s tight yet smooth and fits so well.


Losing My Mind

Losing My Mind is a sublime progressive trance release with lush synths, a sweet bassline, beautiful melodic sounds that all combine to form brilliant energy and contour. The build, the drop, the emotion here all work so well.



With a host of huge talent on show here we are delighted to bring you our first Trance release on our sub-label Progressive Dreams Emotions, and it’s huge!


North Pole

Lukas Wieteszka is back again and this time teams up with Mozarski to bring us an absolutely gorgeous track called North Pole!


One Night Stand

Lukas Wieteszka is back again with this beautiful release ‘One Night Stand’ and on remix duty two very talented producers and rising stars Darkmind and Frahma, but you might know him also as Dreamy Dawn. We are truly delighted to showcase such talent on Progressive Dreams Emotions.



We are delighted to welcome back Alex Byrka to Progressive Dreams Emotions with this superb single called Ravennaprogeesprogres



We are proud to release our first Progressive Trance single

Mark Digital – Sonder (Original Mix)

Mark Digital – Sonder (Nathan Red Remix)



We are delighted to welcome Alex Byrka & MageSky who come together to bring us this fantastic collaboration called Supermoon.