Drop of a Dream EP

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truly beautiful two track EP from Z8phyR
Track 1: Drop of a Dream
Track 2: Lailas Love

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We are very proud to present to you this EP and our first release on Progressive Dreams and we think it’s a perfect start with this truly beautiful two track EP from Z8phyR who is lighting up the scene with his beautiful melodies, smooth grooves and soothing soundscapes.

Drop of a Dream
The first track, and the name of the EP, Drop of a Dream is also a fitting and complementing name to our label. It’s a brilliant piece of art. Beautiful chords and guitar plucks throughout with a smooth breakdown and wonderful rhythm throughout. It should be one on repeat play.

Lailas Love
Our next track is Lailas Love. This one has a more upbeat rhythm to it with lush thick pads in the background and Z8phyR does it again with very catchy melodies and those signature chords of his playing throughout. The breakdown takes you away, it’s a story, the piano piece, it’s wonderful. This is what melodic progressive is about.

This is just a splash of what’s to come.

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Drop of a Dream EP, Track 1: Drop of a Dream, Track 2: Lailas Love


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