Sounds from Above #11

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With tracks from PROFF, Shingo Nakamura, Zach Roth, Silence Groove, Mango, Markus Hakala, James Woods and Alex H just to name a few the mix has it all. As always enjoy, click follow for more 🙂

Tracklist (Click track to buy)
1.[0:00] Justin Oh – A Different Place (PROFF Remix)[Nueva digital]
2.[7:06] Shingo Nakamura – Depict [Otographic music]
3.[13:27] Roald Velden – One Step Closer (Original Mix)[Portrait Digital]
4.[20:18] Zack Roth-Sleep Talking (Original Mix)[Nueva digital]
5.[25:56] Silence Groove – Wrong Way Again (Original Mix)[Macarize]
6.[31:19] Mango – Remember (Original Mix)[Mango Alley]
7.[35:40] Armas – Always Go South (Original Mix)[Portrait Digital]
8.[41:03] Markus Hakala – Forever Always (Original Mix)[Elliptical Sun Melodies]
9.[46:08] Soundslogic – After All (Original Mix)[NRG Dance Records]
10.[52:26] Alex H – A Song For Chloe (Original Mix)
11.[58:59] Atlantis Ocean – Sunlight (Original Mix)[Macarize]
12.[1:05:10] Hanski – LA @ Night (Takaki Matsuda Remix)[Progressive house Worldwize]
13.[1:11:12] PROFF – What It Feels Like (Original Mix)[Intricate Records]
14.[1:16:23] Bring Bliss -Blissed (Original Mix)[Incepto Deep]
15.[1:22:15] Samee – Endless Premonition (Original Mix)[Colorized Enhanced]
16.[1:28:05] James Woods-Surreal (Martin Graff Remix)[Elliptical Sun Melodies]
17.[1:33:27] Shingo Nakamura – Sapporo (Talamanca Remix)[Silk Royal Records]
18.[1:38:57] Valer den Bit – Symphonica (Denis Neve Remix)[Incepto Deep]
19.[1:44:01] Vitodito – Tan Enamorados (Orion Scott Remix)[Silk Royal]
20.[1:48:54] Shingo Nakamura – The Four (Original Mix)[Silk Royal]
21.[1:52:53] BXT – White Lynx (Original Mix)[Arrival]
22.[1:58:21] Efedry – Out the Water (Original Mix)[NRG Dance Records]
23.[2:05:00] Dallonte & James Woods – Synergy (Original Mix)[Progressive house World Wide]
24.[2:11:09] Massai One – My Hideaway (Talamanca Remix)[Macarize]

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