Sounds From Above #21

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With tracks from Talamanca, Keith Harris, Roald Velden, Bee hunter and many more

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1.[0:00] Talamanca – A Day At The Beach (Original Mix) [silk Digital]
2.[7:45] Tommy Baynen-Purple Sunset Over The Meadow (Bee Hunter Remix) [Encanta]
3.[13:00] Meeke-Upward Spiral (Original Mix) [Arrival]
4.[18:22] Joe Lyons – Dont Look Back (Original Mix) – [Perplexity Music]
5.[23:22] Keith Harris – Paradox Original Mix – [Perplexity Music]
6.[28:37] Raphael Mayers – When I Meet Her (Bee hunter Rexmix) [Progressive House Worldwide]
7.[33:37] Sunlight Project La Marea (Original Mix) [Portrait Digital]
8.[40:07] Soundslogic & Gaston Vigoo – Party In The Sunset (Original Mix)[Elliptical Sun Melodies]
9.[45:15] Stan Seba – Waiting For Summer (Original Mix)[Elliptical Sun Melodies]
10.[50:30] Roald Velden – Stronger (Original Mix)[Portrait Digital]
11.[57:00] Jesse Suun – Puesta Del Sol (Denis Neve Remix)[Elliptical Sun Melodies]
12.[1:00:27] Aeron Aether – Lake in the Wall (2015 Rewok) [Silk Digital]

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