Terms Of Use

General Terms Of Use

We, at Progressive Dreams, believe music was made for sharing and we want to lead by example. We understand that DJs need content for DJ sets, to share, to upload to express their sets and we also recognise that promoters, or simply music lovers want to upload music to their platforms to share music they love to hear and want to share so we won’t inhibit anyone from doing this.

Also, the sharing of music online is gold for the artist, the label and any interested parties. Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry so If you upload music from our label we recognise the value of this as it even acts as free promotion for ourselves. If you would like to upload a single full-length track then please contact us at (progressive dreams email address) and we will provide the music and any terms that might apply. However, if you simply want to use music from Progressive Dreams in your DJ mix/Podcast then please feel free to do so without our permission, but please do credit Progressive Dreams and the artists who created the music.

Mixes terms of use,

On our mixes section of the website, you will see mixes from our label founder and creative director, Shane Collins, Progressive Dreams artists and other labels as showcase mixes or similar as we intend to work closely with others in the scene. However, If you’re an artist, producer, record label owner, and you do not want to see your work on this website, please get in contact with us and we will remove your content immediately.