Z8phyR Interview

Z8phyR Interview

Who is z8phyr?

My name is Donovan and Z8phyR is the alias I’ve created for my path in this direction of music production. Just a cool breeze of sounds to keep you going in your day.


When and why did you start producing?

I started producing in 2006, I got into music production from my friends at the time who were into hip hop and rap. I received a copy of FL Studio and fell in love with the idea of creating limitless possibilities in the program. I got into melodic progressive around 2015 in which I began to take my production more seriously and focus on improvement and telling more detailed stories.


What influences do you have to create the sounds you make?

I find myself influenced by more and more producers the longer I create. But some of my original inspirations are definitely the likes of Shingo, Roald, Valentin, Mitis, Naden, Dinka, the list goes on…


What is your favourite software plugins?

My absolute favourite is Sylenth. The ease of sound design and simplicity with a low CPU load just makes this such a valuable plugin. Also, I am a big fan of Harmless and Spire for more sound design options. For layers, I tend to visit Nexus or Xpand for suitable options, which usually make a nice blend to the sounds.


And finally, What can we expect from you in the future?


Music, music, and more music lol. There will definitely be other styles and types of genres that will be making appearances, but still with the same Z8phyR feel. More collaborations and remixes as well, I really love to support upcoming labels and artists and desire to help music producers on their path, so in the future, I will be searching towards how I can give back my knowledge and experience to those who desire to create music on the next level. Thanks for reading and much love from the cool breeze. -Z

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